About Leung Wah Medicine Leung Wah Medicine has been caring for the health of people for over 40 years. The company was founded by Chinese medicine doctor and acupuncturist Leung Wah in 1966. Leung Wah Medicine has developed from a very small-scale Chinese bonesetter clinic to today's 3 Chinese medicine orthopedicsand injuries clinics. In the 1980s, Dr. Leung Wah was the team physician for a famous Hong Kong soccer team. A few years later, Leung Wah Medicine Co., Ltd. was set up. The same period also saw the launch of effective joint, tendon and muscle pain relief medicated products including Leung Wah Massage Ointment, Leung Wah Medicated Liquid and Leung Wah Medicated Embrocation. These products have won the trust from people from all walks of life for their efficacy. In addition to the local market, they are marketed to Southeast Asia and North America.

We have established subsidiaries in Mainland China to help us source authentic medicinal herbs and substances for our medicine production and clinics. Dr. Leung Wah believed that exquisite skills and high-quality herbs are equally vital in treating patients. Our 3 clinics are also equipped with Western medical instruments, for example, ultrasonic therapeutic apparatus and electrotherapy device. The combined use of Chinese and Western therapies aims at speeding up patients' recovery.
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